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Top 4 Cocktail Spots Downtown Austin

Hello, Austin residents and visitors! Welcome to deetz, our nightlife app ( that will provide you with the party scene inside scoop. On deetz, you can live stream the music at bars and night clubs near you! You can also see how many people are partying in real time to catch the right vibe for your night.

We are an invite only community through our current waitlist, so make sure to invite your #1 party bff to discover the nightlife you've both been searching for. Everyone on the waitlist will also be invited to app drop/launch party, so be sure to get on our list (!

Here are our top 4 cocktails spots downtown Austin that you should check out

In Plain Sight

This 8 seat cocktail bar is pretty unique here in Austin, do to its intimate setting and seating! The bright colors, perfectly crafted cocktails, and amazing staff makes it a strong 10/10. FYI - there is no need to make a reservation, they only accept walk-ins. Looking for a drink rec? If you like Gin and tea, this drink is a dream!

The Roosevelt Room

This award winning cocktail spot is one for the books. I'd recommend grabbing a reservation, and if you can't make one in time, hit the bar! Not only are the cocktails to-die-for, but the vibe is very speakeasy-esque. Hot take: they have a pretty awesome happy hour, be sure to check it out!

Devil May Care

Grab your heels ladies and get ready for a seductive night under the dark lights at Devil May Care. Be sure to check out their schedule because they have awesome weekly events like R&B night, jazz night, etc. plus deals on their cocktails.

Higher Ground

A personal favorite is Higher Ground. Why? The vibe. Whether you're indoors sitting at the bar or outdoors under the florals or in the late night lights, this bar will provide! If you're looking for dining, I would also recommend Higher Ground.

Looking for more? Be sure to join our waitlist to check out the vibe of these places daily and in real-time! Resident? Visitor? deetz is for you all.

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