Our Impact in Dog Town

Hey #deetzfam! Since launching in Des Moines, Iowa, we partnered with Mars Café and Dough Co. Pizza near Drake University to connect deetz to the Dog Town community and create viral growth on the campus.

Dough Co. Pizza Event

deetz partnered with Dough Co. Pizza, a Dog Town delicacy and hosted a one-day free pizza event for all new and returning Drake students. During the event, we had 261 deetz users redeem a free slice of pizza! Dough Co. saw just over 300 students flood their store on the day of the event.

Here is what Sam from Dough Co. had to say, "We partnered with the deetz app to offer a free slice of our handcrafted New York-style pizza to returning Drake University students who use the app. The deetz partnership model, which promoted their app and our restaurant, meant it ended up being a win-win with deetz, getting hundreds of new downloads and a steady flow of new and returning customers. The students seemed to be happy with their free slice of delicious pizza too!"

Mars Café

Following the Dough Co. partnership, deetz partnered with a local coffee shop down the street and offered a similar promotional event. This time it was for a cup of coffee. We made sure the timing of the event was right as we knew midterms were just around the corner for students and they would want to explore new study spots. This event saw another 50+ students redeem a free coffee on the deetz app.

Ryan from Mars stated, "Working with deetz was super easy and a pleasure! The app is a great way for customers to find their new favorite spots, and for the business to connect with new people! Highly recommend if you are new to town!"

Through the success of each event, we were able to engage nearly a third of the student body in some form or fashion with the deetz app and create 400+ interactions with both local businesses throughout two days. Each event hopes to bring students into the community and support local spots around them.


Working with deetz is a win-win all around. No matter what you might offer, deetz brings exposure to many consumers in dire need of a new local spot. Let us help promote and bridge the gap between local businesses/events and the community!


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