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deetz Wins Cedar Rapids Startup of The Year on Hackernoon

This year, deetz won Cedar Rapids Startup of the Year!

“Being an international student at my university, it was next to impossible to find fun things to do each day and I’d constantly miss out on things -- which led to a sad college life” said Raghul Ethiraj, deetz' CEO. Grace Rigdon, COO added “Information was predominately shared through word of mouth or flyers! Being new to the city, I didn’t know anyone and several out of state students had the same roadblock leading to an isolating college life taking a toll on our mental health”.

After having this experience, we wanted to digitize each city, allowing residents, students, and visitors to feel always "in the know" without the noise and clutter of social media, leading to lively experiences and everlasting memories.

Everything on the app expires in 24hrs so users only get that day’s information on daily drink deals, food deals, and live events near them! Local businesses share 4 times more on deetz than their social media through a proprietary deetz texting system.

Ethiraj and Rigdon quit their jobs during COVID to build deetz. The deetz app is working to bridge the gap between people living in a city and what’s happening in their city; helping their #deetzfam live their best life.

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