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9 Best Places to Get Food in West Des Moines

Finding yourself wanting to get a bite to eat in West Des Moines and have no idea where to go? Well look no further because here's a list of the best places to get food in West Des Moines ranging from Italian restaurants to 90's brunch hot spots.

Best Places to Get Food in West Des Moines

1. Firebirds. Are you looking for a great American Steakhouse? Look no further than Firebirds by Jordan Creek Town center known for their wood-fired steaks and casual atmosphere this is the perfect place for great eats!

2. Biaggis. For any Italian lovers this is the place for you! Biaggi’s is a casual Italian restaurant with all of your Italian favorites. From pastas, pizza, soups, and everyone’s favorite…dessert. Also, they have a killer gluten free menu and large meals for takeout. eee

3. The Keg Stand. Look no further for your favorite neighborhood sports bar! The Keg Stand offers food deals every day of the week ranging from $1 tacos on Taco Tuesday to 1/2 off bar bites.

9 Best Places to Get Food in West Des Moines

4. Anna Dolce Ristorante. A place made for date nights and anniversaries this is one of the newest Italian restaurants in West Des Moines! They give a modern take on Italian classics and definitely provide Instagram worthy food and cocktails!

5. Wellman's. With a big patio and beautiful rooftop seating Wellman’s pub and rooftop is the perfect place to go and catch the football game or have girls night out! They have great burgers and pizza, but also have healthier options like wraps and rice bowls for anyone looking for all the greens! With two large outdoor patios, it's a perfect place for fall.

6. Eggs and Jam. This is the ultimate breakfast/brunch place in West Des Moines. With their unique 90’s hip hop theme you’re in for a real treat. From comfort foods named after your favorite 90’s artists like the “Ludabiscuits and Gravy” to chart-topping themed cocktails you’ll definitely enjoy this throwback breakfast!

7. The Hall. Near the heart of Valley Junction is The Hall; which is known for their diverse menus and wide variety of beers (54 on woah). With long bench seating The Hall is the perfect place to relax, try some German foods, and have conversations.

8. El Guapo’s Tequila + Tacos. Lucky for us Taco Tuesday doesn’t have to be limited to just one

The Keg Stand Food Special

day. Plus they have tacos and tequila in the name so what’s not to love. With options for take-out and dine in this, friendly, colorful restaurant with homemade tortillas and to-die-for margaritas, should definitely be on your Taco Tuesday list.

9. Bar Louie. Do you want somewhere that is healthy yet delicious? Then Bar Louie is the perfect place for lunch or dinner plans. Enjoy some $5 burger Tuesdays and a refreshing beer and hit the patio.

Looking for the best places to get food in West Des Moines? Find more food specials near you on the free deetz app (!

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