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7 places to get an Espresso Martini in Des Moines!

Espresso martinis are all the rage right now - and we totally get the hype. Here are our favorite places to get an espresso martini in Des Moines!

  1. Bartender's Handshake. This bar is THE vibe! Perfect for an easy date night, or the beginning of a night out with the girls. We personally love the neon ambiance, and, of course, the espresso martini! If that's not your whole crew's jam, we also recommend the Jackie O and the Curry Negroni.

  2. The New Northwestern. This brand new bar is a MUST see! The building originally opened in 1916 as the New Northwestern Hotel - and the history is rich! Come see what all of the hype is about with a delicious espresso martini! If you're feeling frisky, you can also ask for an espresso martini with chamomile honey...and trust me honey, you want to try that!

  3. Django. If you're looking for dinner and an espresso martini, Django is perfect for you! The menu is full of options, from pasta, to burgers, to delicious sea scallops. Top it off with a delicious espresso martini! Makes for the perfect date night!

  4. Nightingale Cocktail. Nightingale puts a twist on espresso martinis! Made with pear vodka, light notes of elderflower and ginger, and finished with champagne, this is a drink worth writing home about. Get one for yourself and dance the night away with your girls!

  5. Star Bar. Star Bar is the perfect place to relax and drink a delicious - and well priced - espresso martini or two! This spot leans on the casual side, with food and drinks that taste quite the opposite. Don't forget to stop by for a delicious brunch, too!

6. Clyde's Fine Diner. Clyde's is the perfect spot for a slightly more upscale date night! Indulge in their delicious Caesar Sprouts, and try one of their ever-changing dinner options! Top it off with an espresso martini and you, sir, have just described the perfect meal!

7. Grumpy Goat.Head to Grumpy Goat for dinner and a delicious espresso martini! This martini tastes like a delicious Christmas cold brew, with cinnamon sprinkled on top. I drank it so fast, it was DELISH!

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