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7 of the Best Sports Bars in Des Moines

It’s that time of year - sports are in full swing, and I officially haven’t been able to pull my boyfriend away from the TV in weeks. I was thinking….how do I make this fun for me too? The answer: sports bars!!

Here are 7 of the best sports bars in Des Moines!

The Station is a #deetzteam favorite!

  1. Royal Mile. Is soccer your thing? This is THE place for you!! We decided to check out this local spot for the Euros England vs. Italy game, and I mean it when I say, I felt like I was across the pond!! The food and drinks are British-inspired, and both absolutely delicious. People were screaming and chanting as if we were at the game - and some men even cried!

  2. 1908 Draught House. While these restaurants are known for being a Cubs bar, we got dinner here during a preseason game, and people were ~into it~!! The food was good, the drinks were cold, and the vibes were immaculate. A perfect combination of Des Moines and Chicago!

  3. 85 Bar. Calling all Bears fans!! I have found your heaven! This place feels like a stadium, the constant smell of fresh popcorn, delicious hot dogs and stadium-style drinks with a twist. With the walls covered in Bears memorabilia, and happy hour every week day, this is the perfect place to unwind!

  4. Johnny's Hall of Fame. Claiming to be the first sports bar in Des Moines, opening their doors in 1962, this is a classic game day choice! After spending an evening at a Cub's game, this is our favorite place to grab another drink (or two!) With each ticket, drinks are BOGO - and delicious!! Johnny's has plenty of TV's and a great staff to keep you happy on game day!

  5. Spectator's. Feel like taking a drive to Altoona for game day? Spectator's is the perfect stop! The menu is full of delicious options, and the drinks are strong!! Come for happy hour every week day, stay for their late night menu, and enjoy every game, every time!

6. Brick & Ivy's Rooftop. A rooftop and sports? What more could you ask for?! This up and coming spot in Altoona is the perfect place to spend Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Not only is this the perfect place for game day, but with live music and delicious food, this is a great place for any regular evening on the town as well!

7. The Station on Ingersoll. This one is a #deetzteam favorite! We all love a good local restaurant, even more when there's a patio - and even more when there's sports and good drinks! Here you can always find a good game on TV, with every DirecTV package available, along with a good game in Dugan's Hideaway, a game of darts I mean.

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