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7 Local Coffee Shops in Des Moines to Try if You're Pumpkin Spice Obsessed

Looking to support local and still enjoy your pumpkin spice? Me too! Keep scrolling to see 7 local coffee shops with pumpkin spice!

Here are the best local coffee shops with pumpkin spice in the Des Moines area!!

  1. Freedom Blend Coffee. At Freedom Blend, they roast their own coffee in house! Talk about fresh coffee?! And to top it off, starting September 1st, they'll have pumpkin spice. The countdown is ON!

  2. Smokey Row (Downtown). Smokey Row is a class everyone knows and loves. They're waiting for the weather to change, but once it does, they'll get even BETTER because they'll have pumpkin spice!!

  3. Zanzibar's Coffee Adventure. This fun, local spot is brand new to me! The employees are so sweet and I loved my experience. They did let me know that they have pumpkin spice all year round. SO if you get a hankering in February, you're in luck!!

  4. Scenic Route Bakery. Starting fall off right, Scenic Route Bakery has chai, which they described as holding all the flavors one could be looking for! For those of us very interested in pumpkin spice, they'll surprise us with that when the weather gets a bit chillier!

  5. Plain Talk Books & Coffee. This coffee shop had the bookworm in me losing it! While they did not have pumpkin spice, they DO have a pumpkin pie flavor that sounds almost...better?!

  6. Grounds for Celebration. In a normal year, Grounds for Celebration has pumpkin spice. This year, they're trying out something new, and this new had me drooling at the door. The use cinnamon, vanilla, and gingerbread in the most perfect fall mixture one could ever dream up.

Fall coffee from Freedom Blend!

7. The Slow Down Coffee. This plant shop turned art shop turned coffee shop is probably my new favorite place to go! This cute shop features work from local artists - including prints and stickers that are for sale, along with the world's cutest houseplants that are also for sale! AND they sell pumpkin flavored coffee!! Hello?! What more could you ask for?!

Looking for more coffee shops near you?

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