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Our 5 Favorite Bakeries in Iowa City

Sweets are for after dinner...says no one ever. For all of our fellow sweet lovers out there, here are our favorite bakeries in Iowa City you must try!

Here are 5 of the best bakeries in Iowa City

Scratch cupcakes: just as delicious as they are pretty!

  1. Deluxe Cakes and Pastries. This shop gives off the most hometown vibez you could ever imagine! Their menu consists of baguettes, french macarons, cakes, pies and tarts, and of course, cookies!

  2. Molly's Cupcakes. With Molly's locations across Iowa, this well known bakery is a must-try!! Grab a seat up at the bar on a SWING and enjoy any flavor of cupcake you could imagine! Talk about a flashback to being 6, right?!

  3. Cookies & More. Their name is not a joke! This cute little shop has sooo many kinds of cookies!! If you're like me, cookie cakes surpass regular cakes by a landslide, and let me tell you, theirs look absolutely delicious!

The CUTEST holiday cookies from Cookies & More!

4. Scratch Cupcakery. Scratch cupcakes are literally amazing! I love when I find weddings providing them. There are so many flavors, you can find something for everyone!! YUM!

5. Tip Top Cakes. The vibez in this shop are amazing! With delicious sweets and coffee, what more could you need? G2G, running to Tip Top Cakes rn...

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