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11 Date Night Restaurants in Des Moines

Date night is a weekly tradition in my house, so I've put together 11 of our favorite date night restaurants in Des Moines!

One of the many delicious pizzas at Centro!

  1. Aposto at The Scala House. This restaurant is located in the cutest vintage mansion, and holds all of it's original charm. This 1880's Victorian home holds the most delicious, modern menu options, and has a great selection of drinks to pair alongside any meal!

  2. RoCA. RoCA is known for it's shareable plates and delicious, craft cocktails, and is a favorite among many for date night! Stop in and take in the appealing design, along with their large selection of wines, drinks and snacks!

  3. Eatery A. Eatery A is a #deetzteam favorite, specifically the charcuterie board options! Stop in for brunch, lunch or dinner, and enjoy their large wine list, delicious pizzas or shareables!

  4. Hello, Marjorie. Hello, Marjorie is the perfect, after-work, quick and easy date night option! Not only will you feel like a modern, fancy couple lounging on their couches, but the drinks are delicious!

  5. Miyabi 9. This spot is perfect for all couples - sushi lovers or not! The atmosphere is quiet, and the building still holds much of it's original charm. The sushi menu is one of my favorites, and my boyfriend loves the Japanese specialty options! Definitely something for everyone on the menu!

  6. Bubba. Bubba is a great spot if you're feeling comfort food, but in an up-scale atmosphere! The aesthetic in this restaurant is so cute, and their take on southern comfort food is pretty much my reason for date night every single time!

  7. Mulberry Street Tavern. If you want to talk about what I wish my home looked like, it's this place!! Stop in for a burger, a delicious cocktail or a Saturday brunch and enjoy the cozy, nostalgic atmosphere!

  8. HoQ.HoQ is known for their local-driven menu, boasting ingredients that are 90% locally grown. The menu is ever-changing, following the seasons and what's readily available in the area. This is a well-known date night spot, and reservations can be made ahead of time on their website!

  9. Harbinger. Harbinger is a vegetable focused small plates concept, and is absolutely delicious! The chef, Joe Tripp is a Des Moines native, making this a #deetzfave! Reservations can be made online in advance, or by calling!

10. Centro. Centro is a classic date night choice, with a great cocktail and wine menu. The pizza is delicious, but if that's not your vibe, the pasta is definitely something to write home about! Centro also offers a delicious brunch and lunch menu, and reservations are available online!

11. Trostel’s Greenbriar. This one is a personal favorite of mine! The wine selection is fabulous, and they often mix up their bottles that are on special. The menu is also excellent and has a little something for everyone, from pastas, delicious Brussel sprouts, all the way to lamb!

To find more restaurants near you, check out the free deetz app (!

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