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Investor NFTs

100 Unique investor NFTs inspired by endangered animals

We are providing an exclusive access to invest in deetz through NFTs. Each token represents an endangered animal and guarantees a minimum allocation of $50k in deetz through an uncapped SAFE note with a 20% discount in our seed round.


Example: If deetz is valued at $10,000,000 in the next fundraising round, token holders who have signed the SAFE note will get shares in the company as if it was valued at $8,000,000. Which is a 20% discount to what VCs would pay.

All proceeds from the NFT sales will be donated to World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

You can buy our NFTs on OpenSea now or search for "Investor DTF (Down to Fund) tokens" collection!

animal collage(1).png

Our Story

So how did deetz come to be? When we were in college, it was next to impossible to find fun things to do each day. We'd always miss out on these experiences or find out about them after the fact because information was heavily shared through word of mouth or flyers! Being new to the college town/city, and not feeling "in the know" led to an isolating experience and took a severe hit on our our mental health. Several out of state students had the same experience.

Raghul (co-founder) had a very similar experience when he moved to Vancouver, Canada for work. He and his co-workers at Microsoft always struggled to find daily lunch specials or fun things to do after work (trivia, indie live music, new seasonal drinks being dropped, etc.) and overall felt they weren't living their best life enjoying the vibrant city the way they should be.

That's why we quit our jobs during COVID and built deetz. To bridge the gap between people living in a city and what's happenings in a city; helping our #deetzfam live their best life.

Traction And Goals


  • 10,000+ users.

  • 52% 90 day retention (other apps 18%-19%).

  • 12,700 direct foot traffic to local businesses generated.

  • $1.4M+ in local spending generated.

  • Active in 11 college campuses in Iowa.

  • 650+ local businesses on deetz.

  • Small biz share 4x more on deetz than social media.

  • Backed by Techstars, State of Iowa, & John Papajohn.

2022 Goals

  • Launching in 40 new campuses.

  • Launching in hometowns of these students.

  • Generating 150,000+ in foot traffic.

  • Growing to 205,000 new users.

  • Launching in:

    • California (Stanford)

    • Arizona

    • Texas

    • Florida, & more!

Meet The Team

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