Frequently asked questions

What is deetz?

deetz is a local, anonymous app that shows you what’s happening around you in real-time. Find local information, restaurant specials, food trucks, garage sales, events, live music, and more - it’s all happening on deetz!

It’s anonymous, is that safe?

Yes! All posts are filtered through AI moderation, and harmful content is removed in less than a second. There is also a “report” button, and any post with a score of -5 is immediately removed.

How do I make a post?

Hit the yellow “+” button to drop a pin, make a chat, or leave a comment. The “+” button is in the lower right corner of the screen on the Map or in the Chat. Pins will show on the map in your current location, and they expire in 24 hours to keep the map fresh. Posts on feed stay forever, so you can keep earning vibez!

What are vibez?

Vibez are points you can earn in the app. Each upvote you receive on a pin, post, or comment earns you 1 vibe. Vibez can be redeemed for local discounts and free stuff! Go to “Redeem vibez” in the side menu to see all the cool stuff you can earn.

Why don’t I have a “restaurant”, “cafe”, or some other type of pin?

Every user who creates an account automatically gets 4 pin types: food, drink, chatter, & event. Other types of pins you see on the map, such as food truck, HyVee, ice cream, etc, are assigned to verified accounts of that type. This is a protection to ensure accurate information. For example, when you see a restaurant pin that says “75% off at Joe’s Pub!”, users can be certain that this is coming from a credible source and they can redeem this deal.

How can I get a special pin?

Become a paid subscriber by going to The subscription also includes the ability to link to external websites and post scheduling!

I have another question!

Please email us at and we would be happy to help with any other questions!

Can I lose vibez?

Yes. Just as you gain vibez when you are upvoted, you can also lose vibez when you are downvoted. This is done to ensure that the community always has a say in what type of content they want to see.