Frequently asked questions

What is deetz?

deetz is short for "details" and you can discover daily happy hours, live events, and food specials near you! Everything expires in 24hrs so it's always local and relevant.

It’s anonymous, is that safe?

Yes! All posts are filtered through AI moderation, and harmful content is removed in less than a second. There is also a “report” button, and any post with a score of -5 is immediately removed.

How do I make a post?

Use the yellow pencil button on the chat to make a post. Your posts are anonymous and earns you vibez on the app.

What are vibez?

Vibez are points you can earn in the app. Each upvote you receive on a pin, post, or comment earns you 1 vibe. Vibez can be redeemed for local discounts and free stuff! Checkout the "rewards" tab to see all the fun rewards you can redeem them for!

I have another question!

Please email us at and we would be happy to help with any other questions!

Can I lose vibez?

Yes. Just as you gain vibez when you are upvoted, you can also lose vibez when you are downvoted. This is done to ensure that the community always has a say in what type of content they want to see.

How do I feature my business?

Use the "pricing" page to sign your business up and we'll get in touch with you right away!

How do I submit new rewards for the rewards page?

You can message us in the app using "submit new vibez idea" or email us at and we'll work with you on featuring the reward.

It's free for businesses to get featured there as long as you cover the cost for the reward you are offering.